41 Ketogenic Fat Bomb Ideas

Ketogenic Fat Bomb Ideas

Ketogenic Fat Bomb | What Is A Ketogenic Fat Bomb | Keto Diet Fat Bomb | Keto Fat Bomb Coffee

Looking for healthy treats? Here are the 41 famous ketogenic fat bomb ideas for your keto diet.

 1. Bacon & Egg Ketogenic Fat Bomb

Ketogenic Fat Bomb Ideas 1

Bacon & Egg fat bombs have that savory flavor you won’t forget easily. This recipe will teach you how to prepare 6 delicious servings of bacon and egg fat bombs, all it takes is some eggs, bacon, ghee, mayonnaise, salt & pepper and 35 minutes in the kitchen!

2. Buttered Bacon Ketogenic Fat Bomb


This recipe allows you to prepare 3 servings of buttered bacon using a single slice of bacon. Great if you want to eat something nice and easy! Time saver as you won’t need more than 5 minutes to prepare the entire meal. Flexible options for serving too!

3. Bacon & Guacamole Ketogenic Fat Bomb


This is another ketogenic fat bomb recipe that is great if you’re looking to eat a snack packed with healthy fats and low in carbs. These are also great as party snacks and could be used as pre/post workout snacks. To prepare this you’ll need avocado, ghee, garlic chili pepper, onion, lime juice, pepper, fresh cilantro, 4 slices of bacon and 55 minutes of your patience but it will be worth it at the end!

4. Sugar Free Peanut Butter Fudge


Peanut butter fudge is a great tasty option for a Ketogenic fat bomb snack as its low in carbohydrates, sugar free and diary free! In fact, this recipe only has 3 ingredients: peanut butter, coconut oil and some vanilla almond milk. You can also optionally use some chocolate sauce topping if you like.

5. Better-Than-Mounds Chocolate Coconut Cups


You will not realize how much of a delicious snack this is until you’ve tried it! So what are you waiting for? You’ll need to make the coconut candies and the chocolate topping separately as outlined in this recipe. It’s also the ideal fat bomb snack as 90% of its calories come from Fats!

6. Orange & Walnut Chocolate Fat Bombs


This is a great dark chocolate based Ketogenic fat bomb that also contain walnuts, oranges & cinnamon. It’s wonderful to be eaten as snack or dessert and the recipe shows how you can additionally sweeten the snack using stevia. You’ll also need to store these in a fridge for a couple of hours for it to become solid, which is the best way to eat them!

7. Naturally Colored Easter Fudge


This is a perfect receipt of a snack for the Easter season… but of course you can make it anytime you like too! It’s healthy, nutritious, and easy to make! This recipe makes the fudge in green, purple and pink and with a bit of thinking you can have any color of fudge you want.

8. No Bake Lemon Mini Tarts


To make these lemon tarts you will need some almond/cashew, dried coconut, lemon juice, vanilla, butter/ghee and a pinch of salt. The goal of this recipe is to make these lemon mini tarts without using sugar or eggs.The recipe is also gluten free! If you like the taste of lemon, you must try this ketogenic fat bomb idea.

9. Cinnamon Bun Fat Bomb Bars


This fat bomb variation of cinnamon bun is certainly not different to the original cinnamon bun speaking in terms of yumminess! The success of this recipe depends on the combination of tastes between creamed coconut and the deep flavors of the used cinnamon and almond butter.

11. Fudgy Macadamia Chocolate Fat Bombs


Chocolate fudge lovers who are looking to eat healthy will love this recipe. This delicious treat outlined in this recipe is a low carb and high in fat version and it will make another great addition to your Ketogenic fat bomb recipe lists! This is basically a recipe for chocolate fudge but obviously takes a much healthier approach. Great to be eaten as a dessert at home or even served to your guests!

12. “Almond Joy” Bars


Almond joy bars are fun to make, a healthy snack option and tastes great! You will need some coconut oil, almond & almond butter, cocoa, vanilla and arrowroot powder. Needs to be stored in a refrigerator to preserve. Does coconut on top of chocolate sound great? Try it out!

13. Chocolate Coconut Candies


These fat bombs are for chocolate with coconut lovers. It’s amazingly easy to prepare and delicious to eat. These candies are made using a few ingredients including coconut oil, cocoa powder, vanilla bean powder, stevia & some coconut & pecan butter. These delicious treats only take a half an hour to prepare! Store the prepared candies in a refrigerator for an hour until it solidifies, then indulge!

14. Coco-Cocoa-Walnut Bark


If you think these look tasty, you’re not wrong! They are absolutely luscious! Like all fat bombs recipes, these too are tailored to be super healthy. These healthy ingredients include: coconut oil, cocoa powder, walnuts, cream and salt among a few others. This recipe is great because it’s flexible, which means you can do anything you want with it and you’ll still have a good taste at the end!

15. Sugar-Free Maple-Nut Fudge


This is another recipe of a fudge variation you’ll be sure to love! This recipe is much healthier than the traditional fudge, yet contains 12g of the good fat you crave per serving compared to the 4.5g of fat per serving in the traditional version. In terms of carbs too the change is great: 19g of carbs has been reduced to 0.5g of carbs in this recipe!

16. Peanut Butter Fudge


This simple recipe is perfect for the holidays! This recipe tries to keep the sugar low and yet the final snack to still taste great! The fudge will soften up at room temperature, so its best eaten straight out of the fridge. This is one of those fudge recipes you must try out no matter what!

17. Keto Coconut Fat Bombs


This recipe is a terrific option if you’re looking to boost your fat intake. This recipe won’t work well with coconut oil as it’s hard to solidify. Using flaked coconut is better than using shredded as it blends better and thereby gives a better finish to the fat bomb. It will not take you more than 10 minutes to prepare and additional 30 minutes in the refrigerator to solidify.

18. Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge


This could be your next favorite recipe! It’s basically a healthy combination of cocoa powder & peanut butter. It might take you some time to prepare, but it is well worth it. To try out this recipe you will need some coconut oil, natural peanut butter, vanilla, liquid sugar, cocoa and some chopped walnuts. You’ll be amazed at the delicious taste you experience when you finally try this recipe out.

19. Homemade Sugar-Free Mounds Bars – Bounty (Vegan)


This recipe basically outlines how to create a healthier version of mounds bars or (bounty chocolates depending on where you live). This delicious treat is made with dark chocolate that coats a coconut mixture inside, which packs a surprisingly high energy value!

20. Ginger Fat Bombs


Ginger fat bombs are a great way of eating less and feeling full for longer than most other fat bomb varieties. Feeling full will obviously keep you from eating any additional carbs, which , of course, will improve your health! It’s also super easy to make and can be prepared in two simple steps. Overall it will not take you more than 15 minutes to start enjoying some ginger Ketogenic fat bombs!

21. Easy Lemon Fat Bombs


This recipe covers an interesting, tasty, and naturally healthy fat bomb option. It’s the perfect fat bomb for lovers of the lemon taste! You’ll need some coconut butter, virgin coconut oil, fresh organic lemon zest, some stevia extract and some salt too. After just a few minutes of preparation, and an hour of refrigeration, you will be ready to have this snack!

22. Low Carb Rolo


These low carb rolos are just like name suggests. They contain a low carbohyrdate percentage, as well as slightly more fat  as the branded version. Plus, it’s chocolate coated! Follow the instructions in this recipe and you’ll have prepared a tasty snack in just under 15 minutes. You will need to place it in a fridge to set before you can start eating, but the wait is worth the reward.

23. Brownie Fudge


This recipe is a great Ketogenic Fat bomb snack option if you’re trying to eat something delicious, while also eating healthy. This recipe is loaded with healthy fats such as coconut butter, full fat coconut milk, and grass-fed butter! It will take around 45 minutes to prepare and then needs to be placed in the fridge until cool.

24. Easy Vanilla Fat Bombs


This fat bomb recipe does not use coconut butter and tries to eliminate any coconut flavor by mixing in vanilla. Though it is delicious, this recipe is still surprisingly very healthy and contains lots of healthy fats.The recipe includes macadamia nuts, coconut oil, etc. and is an interesting and unique snack to have from time to time.

25. Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Truffles


This recipe teaches you how to make delicious, healthy, friendly fat-filled chocolate truffles with a ganache center. The ganache centers in this recipe were made out of melted dark chocolates and cream, an absolute treat to enjoy! This fat bomb has more fat than many of it’s recipe counterparts, so be sure not to overindulge on these sweet treats.

26. Keto Fudge


This recipe includes the instructions to make 12 servings of yummy, healthy fudge! Ingredients include: coconut oil, coconut milk, cocoa powder, vanilla, almond extract, Celtic sea salt and Swerve confectioners (or a drop of stevia glycerite). This recipe is made to have a delicious chocolate flavor and there’s nobody who won’t like it!

27. Mint Fudge


This recipe for mint fudge is quite a brilliant recipe as it achieves its color without using regular food colorings, but by using parsley! The best part is:  you won’t even taste the parsley when eating this Fudge. This recipe would be a fun new addition to your healthy, high fat, low carb snack recipe list. On top of all this, it is also really easy to prepare!

28. Keto Pecan Fat Bombs


This awesome and delicious recipe is super easy,quick to prepare, and very low in carbohydrates. In fact, one serving of this Pecan fudge contains less than one carb. To make the fudge, you may require some heart shaped (or any other shaped) silicone molds, also some cocoa butter, coconut oil, unsweetened cocoa powder, cream and chopped pecans.

29. Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls


This recipe is made of more peanut butter than chocolate, but that is how it gets it’s delicious taste! You might need to use arrowroot and stevia according to this recipe. One serving of these balls will contain just 1g of carb, 3g of protein and 5g of fat. The recipe outlines instructions to prepare 30 of these chocolate peanut butter balls.

30. Spiced Cocoa Coolers / Frozen Fat Bombs


For this recipe, you will need an ice-cube tray to pour the prepared mixture in, so it can set and cool in the refrigerator until frozen. The mixture is prepared using coconut milk, cocoa powder, vanilla bean, Erythritol/Swerve, and 15 to 20 drops of stevia extract. In addition to being delicious, these spiced cocoa coolers contains almost 5 times of healthy fats to carbohydrates, and is a great ketogenic fat bomb recipe!

31. Coconut Chocolate Fat


This is a simple recipe for a tasty fat bomb snack, made to have an awesome chocolate flavor. The ingredients include: cocoa powder, softened coconut oil, flaked coconut, almond milk, Natvia powder (or other powdered version of a sugar replacement), and vanilla extract. This recipe makes 16 squares (servings) and takes only 10 minutes to prepare.

32. White Chocolate Coconut Fudge


This is recipe is for a white chocolate version of fudge, that is also a fat bomb, due to its considerably higher healthy fat percentage and lower percentage of carbs. Ingredients include: Cacao butter, coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut butter, vanilla protein powder, vanilla extract, liquid stevia and optionally some unsweetened coconut flakes to top the fudge.

34. Strawberry Cheesecake Fat Bombs


These delicious fat bombs will taste similar to strawberry cheesecake ice cream and have a very creamy texture. You can swap in some healthier alternatives instead of diary as outlined in this recipe. You will need 70g of fresh/frozen strawberries, cream cheese, butter, Erythritol/stevia and vanilla extract. Total time to prepare and make ready to eat is 2-3 hours and the recipe contains the exact amount of ingredients for 12 servings.

35. Candied Pecan and Bacon Bark


This is a simple and healthy version of a ketogenic fat bomb recipe for dark chocolate. This recipe is low carb and gluten-free. The recipe yields 20 servings and will take a total time of 45 minutes for preparation, plus 1 hour in the refrigerator to solidify.

36. Paleo Macadamia Roca


This recipe is an unforgettable chocolate and caramel treat! It is both rich in healthy fats and low in carbohydrates, a true pleasure without the guilt. Macadamia nuts, used in this recipe, are healthier than almonds, which are a common ingredient in recipes of the like.Though the total cooking time is 4 hours, you can prepare this treat for cooking in only 15 minutes!

37. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Fat Bombs


In order to prepare this delicious snack, you will need either some homemade chocolate or the mild tasting Quick Keto chocolate. Instructions for both chocolate types are included in this recipe. You’ll want to save this for a prep night, or just a free day, since it will take some time to prepare this snack.

38. CocoKeeto Bars


These CocoKeeto bars will be made of a coconut layer on the bottom, with a chocolate topping. These bars are a great tasting treat almost everyone will like. These bars are very healthy, and they contain 22g of fat compared to a total of 4g of carbs and protein. It is somewhat harder to make than other fat bomb recipes, but it sure is worth it at the end!

40. Ultimate Keto Coffee

Keto Diet Fat Bomb

This recipe creates a healthy coffee treat you can drink regularly throughout the day! In fact you might not even switch back to the regular coffee, simply because of the taste of this treat! You’ll need one of brewed coffee or black tea, and 3 egg yolks as the main ingredients. Of course, since this is a fat bomb version of coffee, it is packed with 45.6g of fat and only 4.3g of total carbs per serving.

41. Chocolate Mousse 

What Is A Ketogenic Fat Bomb

This is a dairy free, fat bomb version of chocolate mousse that can be prepared easily! You will need coconut milk, unsweetened cocoa/ raw cacao powder, cinnamon, stevia and shredded or flaked coconut for garnish. The great thing about this mousse is it won’t take you even 5 minutes to prepare! Store for an hour in a fridge and top it with the flaked coconut for the best taste!

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