Therapeutic Ketosis Help Get Healthy

Therapeutic Ketosis Help Get Healthy

Therapeutic Ketosis | Therapeutic Ketogenic Diet | Ketogenic Weight Loss Plan | Ketogenic Therapy

Generally, this low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet is famous for weight loss. Although it was initially designed for the pediatric children nowadays many follow this diet for therapeutic ketosis leading to several other health benefits like lowering diabetes, gaining lean body muscles, reduce the risk for cancer and heart problems.

Therapeutic Ketosis: How Does It Help?

Therapeutic Ketogenic Diet Depending on the medical history, body structure, routine, lifestyle, goals, and preferences the rules of the medical ketogenic diet vary from one person to another. Not necessarily, an extremely high-fat diet can help you reap the desired benefits of therapeutic ketosis because too much of fat energy can also affect your blood glucose in a bad way. Moderate fat and protein look like a better option. However, it depends on the person following it.

Therapeutic Ketosis Help

Weight Loss

Ketogenic Weight Loss PlanKetogenic diet restricts carb intake, which leads to weight loss. As long as you maintain a low carb intake, you can eat as much fat as you wish to. Fat doesn’t trigger insulin production, body glucose does. Again, when you are eating fat, the glycogen stores deplete. However, if you are eating very little carb yet not losing weight, then you need to increase your fat intake more and reduce the protein intake. Aim at a higher serum ketone level to ensure you have maximal fat-burning. Having 1 to 4 mm is much better than 0.5 mm in this case, but make sure you don’t overdo it. When the ketone level exceeds the normal limits, then it leads to ketoacidosis. In ketoacidosis, your blood becomes acidic and if not taken care off immediately it could bring critical consequences.

Pediatric Epilepsy

Ketogenic TherapyA ketogenic diet, which has 90% fat, 2 to 4% carb, and less than 10% protein has proved to be more effective for children suffering from epilepsy. This strict diet leads to therapeutic ketosis that in many cases abridged or even eliminated seizures. Atkins diet has also shown effectiveness in treating epileptic children. It is a low-carb diet but doesn’t exercise a strict restriction on protein intake. It is very important to have the trained dieticians to guide you through this.


Therapeutic ketosis has remarkably helped in controlling several cancer types, where medications and other therapies achieve only mediocre results. Cancer cells are used to glucose and are inflexible to change the source of energy. When you get into therapeutic ketosis, the normal body cells are able to switch the source, but not the cancer cells. So, they literally starve to death.

Many studies believed that a high-fat, moderate protein and low-carb diet increases the blood ketone levels. It achieves a therapeutic level that reduces the growth of cancer cells and inflammation. It happens when the calorie intake is restricted.

When ketogenic diet is used with hyperbaric oxygen therapy and medicines, it gives the maximum benefits. However, it may not be effective for every type of cancer and only doctors are in the best place to decide if you pursue this diet or not.


It has also helped people with cardiovascular as well as diabetic problems. It reduces the blood sugar, blood pressure which are the biggest risk factors these days.

The main goal of any nutritional therapy is to prevent loss of lean muscle mass and provide sufficient nutrition to the body. Hopefully, it will become a standard therapy for certain ailments in near future and reduce people’s dependency on the standard toxic therapies and improve the quality of life.

Therapeutic Ketosis | Therapeutic Ketogenic Diet | Ketogenic Weight Loss Plan | Ketogenic Therapy


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