3 Amazing Secrets to Curing Keto Constipation

One of the crappy side effects of the Keto Diet is constipation. Though it’s easy to assume it’s a lack of fiber that causes this nasty occurrence, in reality, constipation isn’t caused by what you DON’T eat, but by what you DO eat.

When you transition onto the Keto Diet, and into Ketosis, you will be making major changes to your diet. One of those big changes will be adding more nuts and seeds, which are hard on your digestive system. When your system is forced to work harder to digest a new food, the result can be constipation. Think of it this way: Have you ever experienced constipation from juices, soups, or soft foods? The answer is no!

As your body adjusts, it will become more and more important to incorporate constipation-curing, keto-friendly foods into your diet. Here, we will take a look at three natural constipation cures, and how you can make them work for you.

Constipation Cure: Eat More Fruit

Fruit is essential when it comes to curing or preventing constipation. It is among some of the easiest nutrient groups to digest due to its carbohydrate richness. Consuming too much will, in fact, ease constipation! The sugar alcohol in fruits can actually be used as a natural laxative for digestion. Due to the high amount of carbohydrates, keto dieters need to avoid most fruits. Going overboard may ease your constipation, but it will stall your ketosis.

Fruit is technically any vegetable that has seeds. Make sure that you are aware of your carb count when using this natural cure, as stalling your ketosis defeats the purpose!

Constipation Cure: Increase Your Magnesium Intake

Among the many functions of the electrolyte Magnesium, is aiding in digestion and regularity. Leafy greens, beet juice, and avocado are among the foods that help to increase your magnesium intake. Since many humans are magnesium deficient, supplements are also a popular way to increase your intake.

Once again, you will need to be aware of your carb count when ingesting magnesium rich foods. Focus on keto-friendly options for optimal health.

Magnesium also helps to relieve stress, as it is a calming electrolyte. Stress can actually directly cause constipation. By calming your body through magnesium, you are preventing or curing your constipation on two fronts!

Constipation Cure: Drink More Water

Water is an amazing cure-all. Just like it promotes weight loss, decreases the symptoms of the keto flu, and makes you feel full; water also helps to cure or prevent constipation. Constipation is directly related to the hydration level of your colon. The more hydrated your body is, the easier your colon will pass stool.

Constipation Cure Without The Worries!

Utilize all three of the cures listed above, without the worry of ingesting unwanted carbs? Sounds too good to be true, right? It isn’t! There are powerful superfood supplements that can also help.


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